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Morning Class : Rosalind Holgate-Smith

A black and white photo of two women, facing each other and leaning forward with the top of their heads touching.
Rosalind Holgate-Smith, photo Bernardo Chances

This class series will introduce a vocabulary of touch, with a focus on soft-touch techniques which facilitate the dispersion of tension and tone, making way for buoyant movement, and floating forms of flight. Dissolving notions of humans as contained within singular sacs of skin, we will attend to the time-space through which we relate, to each other and the environment that surrounds us. In expanding our attention to time and space we will explore being and composing together as collections of force, continually disassembling, assimilating and coalescing.

With a focus on touch we will extend into surrounding surfaces, through space, skin, fascia and bone, to study receptivity. We will explore sustaining textured states, moving with momentum, pooling, hovering, transitions-exchanges, and how to recognise boundaries and consent. Classes will include solo work, partnering, and aspects of Contact Improvisation.

Elements of Wednesday’s class will be filmed for Rosalind’s PhD, but you are of course still able to attend class and not be included in this.


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