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Morning Class : Laura Colomban

The Commons Choir, Laura Colomban, Saúl Ulerio and Lacina Coulibaly at Judson Church

This week of classes will now be led by Laura Colomban.

Drawing on Laura’s research into somatic practices, sound and machine interactions, these mornings explore the politics of sound. Diving each day into focusing on a different body part, the classes will involve drawing, moving, sounding and looping, creating a collective live soundscape that aims to include the subtle nuances highlighted from amplified sound.

In the first part of the class, we will ground in the anatomy of the body to progressively include the imaginary, emotional and sounding body. A microphone and MIDI controller in the room will allow participants to play with looping, playing with repetition and amplification in movement and sound, mirroring internal cyclical processes. We will also collectively reflect on how to create through repetition, amplification and recycling processes, and consider what and who needs to be amplified now.

No previous experience in using sound equipment is necessary. All are welcome!