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Morning Class : SERAFINE1369

SERAFINE1369 in BASIC TENSION at Palais de Tokyo 2018, photo Ayka Lux

These classes offer simple invitations for movement of thought/voice/body, creating the conditions to invoke states of focus (singularity) and openness (multiplicity) akin to trance or meditation, inviting our bodies to become medium. The intention is to open up space listen to and observe our selves in chaos, in flux, in overwhelm, in stagnancy, as unfolding oracular text and without judgment. SERAFINE1369 sees this as somatic technology of dancing as an oracular device for unsettling and reading what surfaces as a way to self-regulate and ground.

These sessions open out SERAFINE1369’s ongoing research into the radical, transformative potential of this thing we call dancing (which is also always poetry) as a technology.

For safety, we would like to encourage everyone to take a Covid-19 lateral flow test before attending. The studio will also be well-ventilated even in colder weather – please bring extra layers for warmth. Siobhan Davies Studios current risk assessment and policy is available to read here.