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Morning Class : Simonetta Alessandri

Simonetta Alessandri, photo Michele Cipriani

“I’m interested in sharing my ongoing research based on the application of Feldenkrais Method to dance training and performance making. I include aspects of Contact Improvisation practice in the form of touch, to highlight learning, and as a possible tool of physical communication. With the Feldenkrais Method we direct our attention to internal sensations, without judgment. Opened to potentiality, curious about new possibilities, we identify habits and clarify choices to promote efficiency, freedom and a sense of ease that involve our whole selves.

This specific way of cultivating awareness will affect our capacity to be present and alert, nourishing the journey from inside out while engaging in self-discovery and authenticity. We will find a felt sense of self that aims to be related to others and to the environment, to be experienced, reinforced and then transformed. This journey will give us a reinvigorating sense of ownership and pleasure in our dancing in which curiosity, playfulness and individual inquiries can be explored.”


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