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Morning Class : Sioned Huws

Honami Shimizu and Sioned Huws perform Odori-Dawns-Dance on Torquay Pier. Photo Emily Appleton

‘What the body does not know, it dances…’

Sioned Huws’ classes will consider embodiment, with space to each of us to follow our own somatic interest, by way of dancing, to strip oneself bare to the bone in the instance.

Some questions at the forefront of Sioned’s dancing:
How to think the body?
How can dance have a body that does not have an image?
Why do I dance?
A question of love, what moves us?
How do you think, what are you thinking in the instance of its dancing?
If I was to say, you are the dance not the dancer – you are danced; you are the poem not the poet – you are spoken, does that change anything?

We will begin with the idea that you have everything you need, you can think with your feet, and time comes into play in missing a beat. We may dance all alone, or together, or to follow a desire. Classes will be led as a guided improvisation – a window onto the real – with each day involving some partner work.