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Morning Class : Sung Im Her

Sung Im Her is talking to dancers and directing a rehearsal. She has long black hair and wearing a blue shirt. She has one hand to her ear, and the other pointing out, mid-sentence. The blurry back of a dancer is visible in the foreground.
Sung Im Her, photo Genuwu Choi

This ‘moving cloud’ class draws from my personal movement research bringing together my experience of yoga, contemporary dance specialized in release technique and somatic practice. Attention will be paid to how we meet ourselves in the act of landing and listening through both moving and stilling. I’m interested in the act of embodying and the physicality of dancing. The class will consist of open explorations often using improvisation as well as set material.

Set material works with a strong emphasis on weight and gravity using the breath as a movement source and the floor as a partnership to aid the transference, shift and momentum of weight with an ease of connection through the limbs, whilst still maintaining a dynamic and articulate presence. The approach to movement is playful and open. The classes also involve working in pairs with touch, resistance and dialogue to give feedback into the body and offer different choices of response.



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