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Morning Class : Susanna Recchia

Susanna Recchia, Still from Colei che attende (2022 - work in progress). Film-maker: Scotty Hardwig

My mentor Andrea Olsen once said: “What’s worth trying is to keep the creative flow alive”.
As the world gets more complex to navigate, I feel deeply committed to create a welcoming environment and to supporting each other in staying present and responsive by cultivating flow and meeting resistance. Through Experiential Anatomy, Authentic Movement, Improvisation and Instant Composition, the intention is to dive deep in sensation and feel what needs to be felt; orient and locate oneself to become more available to connect with others and the environment.

Movement will be the main tool for learning; improvising alone and with others will facilitate the on-going dialogue between sensation and form; open space for dancing will support integrating sensorial work with the potential for poetry to emerge and be shared. The classes are open to anyone interested in sensing and moving; to disabled and non-disabled movers interested in exploring humanness, connection and creativity through dancing.