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Morning Class : Vanessa Grasse

Vanessa Grasse, The Land We Are residency at Leeds Beckett University.

My teaching is grounded in curiosity about how the body transforms as a result of imagination, shifts of perception, attentional dynamics and relational engagement with others and the environment. Finding clarity and playfulness in our awareness of the physiology and physics in motion. Experiential anatomy and somatic imagery will be starting points; improvisation and guided movement pathways will invite us to engage with our full multidirectional dancing body, diving into both restful and energetic dances.

Relationality, finding pleasure in our moving, and nervous system regulation will be our undercurrents, supporting us to find more resilience and flow in both our dancing and daily living. We will move individually, with partners and as a group. I will be drawing from my practices in improvisation and somatics, my site-responsive and ensemble choreographic work, Contact Improvisation, Qigong and my recent training to certify as a Somatic Stress Release™ practitioner.

Please note that classes on Tuesday – Friday will take place in the Research Studio.



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