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Morning Class : Lucia Walker

Lucia Walker, photo Lindsey Appollis

In these classes we will practice directing attention, choosing tone and quality and appreciating our experience; these classes are suitable for those with experience of any kind of movement or presence practice; dancers, musicians, actors and artists. I will be drawing from my experience in practicing and teaching Alexander work, Contact Improvisation and collaborative movement practice. I am very interested in how vision and proprioception relate and how we can develop a unifying field of attention which includes our own movement and our relationship to others and the environment around us. Aiming to consciously co-operate with our design, our co-ordination and our desire to dance, we will develop our abilities to be both soft and strong, calm and lively, spontaneous and safe. We will practice ‘not doing’ some of what arises automatically in order to access more possibility in our responses to stimuli and the creativity to be found with ease in the present. These classes will include quiet and subtle work as well as energetic and playful movement. Some of the sessions may take place outdoors in local parks and green spaces as well as the studio. Please bring appropriate shoes and layers.