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Morning classes: Fernanda Muñoz‑Newsome

Alone – together

As our worlds begin to open up after over a year of enforced separation, with varying levels of isolation during the global pandemic, how do we aid this transition?

How can choreographic thinking and somatic practice provide valuable space for renegotiating change. How do we find trust in ourselves and in relation with others in outside environments and how do we follow our desires moving from this point with and towards others. What are our new and shifting individual and collective edges, curiosities and boundaries and how do we assert agency amidst changing §restrictions and conditions.

Moving between resting, altered and more physical states, we will explore shifting constellations and orientations. Beginning with our senses, and working in a park close to Siobhan Davies Studios, we will work with plants/trees and our alchemical imaginations to transform information/ matter/ movement/ questions. By attuning with our environment, to non-human and human life, and to micro and macro scales of perception and form, we will reorient into what comes next, alone-together.