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Morning classes: Laïla Daillo

Taking up Seke Chimuntengwende’s invitation to think of choreography as ‘a way of being in the world, an approach to living, moving and thinking’, Laïla Daillo’s morning classes will invite explorations of moving and dance making that listen to and draw from the various things we are in relationship with, and move in relation to; in ourselves, in our rooms, in our remote togetherness.

Laïla will bring some already tested choreographic materials and questions to the sessions, looking for instance to her interest in ideas of edges and frames (and falling out of them), and testing out new approaches for the specific context of this week of classes. She is interested in exploring what being present feels like as we meet and work in this digital way. There will be plenty of dancing away from our screens, giving our gaze time to settle elsewhere, inwards or out through a window, time to reconvene and reflect in small groups, and use our screens to move together.