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On Letting Go of Things; a workshop with Emilyn Claid

Emilyn Claid (2021), photo Roswitha Chesher

Emilyn Claid, a queer dance artist in her 7th decade, is leading a two-day choreographic workshop, inspired by notions of transformation, linked to her new solo performance. Transformation as an embodied process that unravels sense making, dissolves fixed postures and crumbles what seems normal. Transformation that continuously informs performance presence through shifting visual image and by drawing upon lived experience.

Between ‘I’ and ‘eye’, being, becoming, performing, this weekend will involve playful improvisations, movement tasks, discussion, fixing – and letting go of – choreographic material. We will consider the material we find with open questioning and curiosity, to notice patterns of movement, identity, and relationship, and the impact these might have on our work, lives and loves.

Emilyn will be joined by Luke Pell as her assistant for the weekend. The workshop is open to people, across arts disciplines, who like making things with image and movement and are attentive to queer sensibilities.

Emilyn will also be performing a sharing of her new performance at Siobhan Davies Studios on Friday 14 October. This event is free and you can book tickets here.