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Opening Night

Vida Vojić in TIMING IS DIVINE, video still by Liset Chavez Prado

The festival opens with a drumming ritual; a performance of loudness, rhythm, and drive by rock star, poet and performance artist Vida Vojić. Join us for this and a winter warmer to welcome in the festival fortnight. Tickets are free but booking is advised. Capacity is limited!

In Vida’s words, TIMING IS DIVINE is ‘inspired by sexy stars = rock stars / celestial deities – this 30min drum / vocal solo recites the gnostic poem “The Thunder, Perfect Mind” (4AD Nag Hammadi, rediscovered in 1945), as well as cheesy love songs and Swedish folk music. By playing with the themes of numerology, holy patterns, chaos / order – the aim is to trigger physical sensation, possibly invoking a hypnotic state in the audience. Sprung from the desire to tell another story, which ultimately may not be comprehended on top of the ambient chaos – but rather felt. Shit is complicated. Let this be an exorcism.’

Ear defenders will be provided. Age guidance 14+
As tickets for this free event are limited, please only book 5 per person maximum.