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The Dancing Tongues : a workshop with Chinasa Vivian Ezugha

The Dancing Tongue, video still, Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, 2021
The Dancing Tongue, video still, Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, 2021

This workshop will explore inaudible speech and look at the phenomena Glossolalia* which translates to speaking in tongues, as a material that propositions the mouth as a vocal space which moves between the semiotic chora – between the verbal and nonverbal to create images formed through acoustics. In theatre, we understand that theatre itself is not just a visual or textual representation; but it can be sound. Therefore, together we will see with our ears, speak with sounds, exploring the liminal spaces of language as sound.

The aim is to create a space where we can explore our tongues as mechanics that can be altered to reflect a sense of otherness; to use the tongue to destroy or reassemble words into letters and play around with words as sounds and phonetics. The workshop is aimed at those with an interest in voice studies, artists, speech therapists and psychologists.


As a self, a body of fluids and matter 

My tongue engages in glossolalia to escape the need to communicate sense to the world. 

Glosso- glossa, the lalia of the lilies of the valley 

I am in my own mind, in my own thoughts 

Expanding and pushing outwards 

Moving like the river, my work is to never cease 

At a point in time, my speech was altered to reflect another’s identity 

Then I found glossolalia 

And I found a new existence 

Kaa e lo mi sk 



I bo ka  

*Glossolalia is a Greek word for speaking in tongues and is a phonetic utterance that has an expansive meaning across many cultures and religious practices. 

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