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WITNESS : an online course

Image: Screenshot of Witnessed in Translation performance

An online evening course which is offered in the style of a study group, considering the space of ZOOM as an artistic one and discussing livestream as an emergent artform which changes our relationships, attention, and culture. The focus is on watching and witnessing – both discussing impressions and views as an audience and allowing creative practice to influence how discussion happens. We Zoom (the app) and Zoom (the cameras) and Zoom* (our consciousness).

This course draws on Witnessed in Translation, a project initiated by Mary Pearson and collaborators Ava Riby-Williams, Carolina van EpsMichael Kaddupavleheidler, Elvan Tekkin and George Maund. Over the past months they have been developing a practice of improvising together live online, collaborating remotely between four different countries and presenting live performance broadcasts, one of which featured in our International Festival of Learning last December.

Each week of this new online course will be facilitated by Ava Riby-Williams joined by George Maund and another member of the collaborative team. The course will include watching video clips from Witnessed in Translationlive improvisation broadcasts to stimulate discussion and sharing sensory and relational practices in preparation for watching material, noticing virtual and physical spaces inside our bodies and in the domestic, local, and geo-political environments that we are part of.

Discussions will expand beyond verbal language into expressions using body, image and sound, questioning and considering what we notice, or don’t notice, as individuals and as a group, and how that is particularly shaped by our lived experiences. How does working with or against the restrictions brought about by ZOOM affect this? How does the interruption create an opportunity for relation, for relating, for making relationship?