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Workshop with Annie Pui Ling Lok

Annie Pui Ling Lok, photo Rocio Chacon

Why that? And not this?
This workshop investigates the creative choices we make while dancing. It takes as its starting point Annie Pui Ling Lok‘s experiences of approaching choreographing again after a hiatus that has greatly changed what things mean and what matters. Over the 3 days the aim is to scratch the surface of profound questions around recovering or discovering your creative practice whether as a performer, choreographer or facilitator. This workshop offers space alongside other doubters, to excavate past and present preoccupations and question how the internal/private relates to a performance/public world.

Combining elements of Annie’s work – performance, choreography, contemporary improvisation and biodynamic craniosacral therapy – each day will feature guided work in tuning proprioception, observing physical sensations and use of anatomical and physiological information to lead us into dancing and to help us notice choice, agency and desire as we make stuff.

This workshop is suited to all dance artists who have experienced a sense of doubt or time-lag in their practice over the last couple of years or more. There will be lots of dancing/moving, some chatting, and touch will be used in the sessions.

Workshop with Annie is co-presented by Siobhan Davies Studios this year as part of ID’s International Festival of Learning.