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YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS: a workshop with Gustavo Ciríaco

Two people stand with brightly coloured tops on a shoreline in front of dark cliffs. They each hold a large green flag.
amanhãs de ontem, Gustavo Ciríaco. Photo, Mariana Lopes
Against a seascape, two people stand in profile, facing each other. They are sweeping the sand, which is dark in colour with brooms.
amanhãs de ontem, Gustavo Ciríaco. Photo, Mariana Lopes
In a studio space, Gustavo sits on a chair, gesturing to someone out of frame. In the background, three people stand.
amanhãs de ontem - work in progress, Gustavo Ciríaco. Photo, Mariana Lopes

YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS will explore how the everyday activities and sensations of the body are involved in learning and how choreographic processes can be utilised to creatively explore our understanding of education.

Participants will be invited to engage in playful interactions with each other and their surroundings, both in the studio and outdoors, transforming these spaces into experimental arenas for movement, text, and choreography. These improvisational scores are drawn from Gustavo’s soon to be premiered short performances for the public space.

This workshop would be suitable for anyone interested in the production of knowledge and art. This could be teachers working in schools, colleges or university contexts, people with a background in performing and visual arts or in pedagogy. Professional dancers, choreographers, community arts facilitators or even practitioners from fields such as architecture sociology and philosophy would find this opportunity enriching.

Between the vertigo of the unknown and the lucidity of manipulating matter, how do we process this today, the future of a past made present, this tomorrow of yesterday? Gustavo Ciríaco


Further information

YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS explores the realms of curiosity and knowledge in our perception of the world. Drawing inspiration from the educational philosophies of Friedrich Fröbel and Paulo Freire, this creative laboratory led by Brazilian choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco delves into the kinetic and sensitive dimensions of learning.

Fröbel’s emphasis on toys and games as fundamental tools and Freire’s decolonial approach of learners being co-creators of knowledge; form the basis for this exploration. The workshop, focusing on dance as a medium of knowledge, seeks to connect these pedagogical universes.

The class navigates the common ground of autonomy in learning, intertwining the practical knowledge embedded in participants’ daily lives. Through this, the performing arts engage in a dialogue with libertarian pedagogies, offering a unique platform for the investigation, performance, and exploration of educational principles.

By weaving together these perspectives, YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS aims to create common paths of discovery in the world of knowledge and creativity.