African dance aesthetics and border-thinking with ‘Funmi Adewole (2017)

‘Funmi Adewole draws on her work as a dance dramaturg to reflect on the cultural, disciplinary, and historical trajectories that intersect in creating work which includes African and Diaspora dances and aesthetics. What narratives are produced at the borders of different ways of seeing and being and dancing? And of what use are they? The act of choreographing or creating dance-training systems which include African and Diaspora dances is a complex act. Choreographers and dance artists are often working at the crossroads of intersecting cultural, disciplinary, historical trajectories. She explains the notion of ‘border-thinking’, as theorised by Walter Mignolo, as a decolonial approach to thinking about epistemology, which, amongst other theories, has given ‘Funmi a way of looking at the issue of narrative, language, and African dance aesthetics in theatrical and professional dance contexts.

This talk was delivered in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.

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Films shown in the talk:
Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble 1
Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble 2
Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble 3
Irie! Dance Company Beverley Glean – Natural Mystic
Alvin Ailey Sinnerman
Alesandra Seutin Featuring Ayanna Witter-Johnson This is Not Black (Ceci N’est Pas Noire)
Broad hands and bare feet by S. Ama Wray (Sheron Wray)
Yinka Esi Graves and Asha Thomas – CLAY