Artist talk

Artist and researcher Anna Macdonald talks about the idea of holding as a curatorial act within her current dance and moving image practice. How can works hold time – and what about the anxiety of capture? Anna relates these concepts to ideas from psychology, particularly maternal containment.

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Anna Macdonald’s works: all at this link

Everything idea (2015: loop)
I will not Hope (2014: 5m 26)
Progression (Free style) (2017: 24m 38s)
Falling for Everything (2014: 5m 15s)
Walk (2016:1m 57s)

Other works shown
Scoop (2009) Ellie Rees
Café Muller (1985 recording) Pina Bausch 
Singin’ in the Rain (1955) dir. Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen
Accumulation with talking and Watermotor (1978) Trisha Brown 

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