The Mindful Performer with Anna Zubrzycki (2013)

How can a performer be authentically present in each moment of performance with their heart open fearlessly to their audience? Reflecting on her own journey as a performer since arriving in Poland in the 1970’s, Anna discusses the unique approach to actor training of her company Piesn Kozla which emphasizes the interconnectedness and integration of all the actor’s faculties. 

Anna’s main emphasis has been on singing and musicality as a key to opening up the internal landscape of imagination, emotions, metaphors and character.  When fully inhabiting the present moment the content of the performance resonates deeply within the performer, freeing their natural compassion and connecting them to the bigger picture of humanity. This process then resonates with their fellow ensemble members, the audience and finally is reflected in their life journey as an artist who is mindful of their social context and the needs of others.

Transcript available upon request.