Applied Choreography with Lucy Cash (2009)

Filmmaker and choreographer Lucy Cash reflects on ‘Applied Choreography’ as a way of thinking. She notes,

“…moving between practices, it can often feel like you don’t belong anywhere – which is why I’m becoming intrigued by the idea of an applied craft. For example, an applied choreography, for although I may rarely construct dances, my thinking is indebted to the kind of processes and thinking about time and space, about absence, presence and transition that thinking choreographically offers.”

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2009 and was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School and Dance Umbrella.

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Films mentioned in the talk:
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Adrian Heathfield: Coming undone (an early and short essay on Goat Island)
Goat Island: aching like birds
Harun Farocki: How to live in the GDR
Lucy Cash: Requiem for a redhead