Autonomous Flesh, Autonomous Stone with Laura Burns and Liz Rosenfeld (2019)

Laura Burns and Liz Rosenfeld explore their divergent practices and approaches to ecologies, queer futurity and our relationship with the nonhuman. Laura shares her work with the River Wyre (Lancashire), engaging with the histories, ancestries and labour embedded in the stone, land and bodies, noting how these have their own autonomy. Liz then considers their flesh as an autonomous material, and discusses how this relationship has informed a non-binary perspective that is not explicitly linked to gender, but rather, embodiment, shifting ecologies, and performance practices. 

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2019, presented in partnership with Sadler’s Wells, University of Roehampton, and the Society for Dance Research.

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Works mentioned in the talk:

Liz Rosenfeld: If you ask me what I want. I’ll tell you, I want everything

Luther Price: SODOM 1989

Liz Rosenfeld: I live in a house with a door