Being With: towards the ecological body

Being With: towards the ecological body is our first curated collection drawing together material from ID’s digital archive. Centering ideas and practices which explore relationships between movement and ecology, it ranges from talks by sociologists and scientists to conversations between artists and a recorded solo performance. 

To introduce the collection in one of many possible orders; Tim Ingold discusses creativity as a process of being with materiality and ‘bringing things forth’. Philip Ball observes existing choreographic tendencies in nature. Caryn McHose leads an audience through a process of discovering new relational possibilities through somatic imagining. Rosemary Lee and Kat Austen discuss the challenges of addressing climate change through soft activism and engendering environmental empathy, whilst Laura Burns and Liz Rosenfeld share their practices of immersion in natural landscapes, historicity of place and how these move towards queer futurism and a non-binary relationship to the nonhuman. Kirstie Simson and Andrea Olsen explore the impact that movement and embodied knowledge have had on their ability to build resilience and understand joy. Finally, in a performance document and an interview, Rosalind Crisp discusses the tools and developments of her choreographic improvisation practices and through this notes the shifts in her approaches which have come as a response to devastating species extinction in Australia.

We invite you to delve into the material in any order and find your own connections, points of interest, divergences and inspirations.