Choreo-reading: between knowledge and life with Efrosini Protopapa and Susanne Foellmer (2018)

If choreography is usually perceived as an act of writing dance, what does it mean for choreography to be perceived as an act of reading dance? How does the choreographic engage in the present with what is already there, the past, the historical, but also the forgotten or irretrievable?  

Taking cues from Friedrich Nietzsche, who wrote on the positive dimension of forgetfulness, Efrosini and Susanne attempt a performative dialogue that explores choreography’s potential to playfully oscillate between the remembered and the irretrievable, the unforgettable and the inaccessible. They engage with these ideas by bringing fragments from their own and others’ work, into the space, combining showing and telling, reading and reflecting.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2018 and was presented in partnership with Roehampton University.

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