A dance practice of ‘choreographic improvisation’: an interview with Rosalind Crisp (2022)

In this interview Rosalind Crisp discusses the nature and evolution of her creative practice of choreographic improvisation; her teaching and performance practices; and her view of the broader implications of dance. Crisp describes how her work has evolved from questioning dance itself to addressing broader world issues. Returning to Australia from France, and facing the “vanishing” of many species there, led to Crisp’s current multi-disciplinary performance project DIRt (Dance IN Regional disaster zones), which is her creative response to and engagement with Australia’s extinction crisis.

This interview is part of a three year project (2021-2024) entitled “Improvisation as choreographic, authorial and creative principle”, a collaboration between Czech dance artist Mirka Eliášová (Dance Faculty, Prague Academy of Performing Arts), Czech theatre artist Mish Rais (Drama Faculty, Prague Academy of Arts) and British dance artist Lizzy Le Quesne (Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University). The project involves in-depth interviews, in-studio workshops with professional and student dance artists, multiple publications, and a forthcoming book of interviews and commentary in both Czech and English. The project explores the practices and methodologies of a series of international artists working in different ways with improvisational processes. Rosalind Crisp was the first of these; Independent Dance has featured Crisp’s work at events including WinLabs and weekend workshops, while Lizzy LeQuesne has been a regular leader of Morning Class at ID.

This interview was conducted through the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, with the support of the DKR Institutional Endowment (Long-term Conceptual Development of Research Institutes) as provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic in 2022.

ID has chosen to make only minor formatting edits to this interview as submitted, to allow the artist’s voice to be heard fully and to offer a direct transmission of the conversation. 

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DIRtywork project: https://www.omeodance.com/dirt