Choreographic Objects with Sarah Whatley (2009)

Professor Sarah Whatley speaks about her work on the “digital choreographic object” Siobhan Davies Replay digital archive. Asking what is exchanged between the archival material and people who meet it, and how the materials can continue to meet new people in the world, perhaps through pedagogy. She talks about her work within an AHRC-funded network bringing together interdisciplinary teams working on four digital archive projects: the Synchronous Objects from William Forsythe + Ohio State University, Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten’s Capturing Intention project, Siobhan Davies Replay, and the Wayne McGregor / Random Dance Choreographic Agent project online.

Working with a team of social scientists led by James Leach, the network considered the larger social impact of the digital archives.

The Siobhan Davies Reply archive is unfortunately no longer freely available online. We have chosen to link to an article that Sarah Whatley wrote about the project for those interested in further information.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2009 and was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.

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