Dance, Intimacy and the Civic #1 with Vanessa Grasse and Nita Little (2021)

Vanessa Grasse and Nita Little discuss tactility as intimacy, attention, porosity, and relationality (including the relational practice of forgetting). Talking, thinking and musing, they question what it is to walk as a forest (rather than in a forest), wondering how humans can release the need to act upon the world in favor of existing within it. The conversation progresses into the intimacy with home environments created during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how ‘civic’ is a relationship that can also include wild spaces. They speak about spaces, the way that urban architecture encourages constant movement, perhaps discouraging empathy.

To watch the video with closed captions, click CC on the bottom right of the screen.

Dance, Intimacy and the Civic is a series of conversations by creative practitioners, focusing on potency of dance within the personal entanglements, and social and public space. Part of a wider research strand, it focuses on the place of dance in public life. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series also asks how dance can enable social cohesion and repair. The series is produced in partnership with Sadler’s Wells and University of Roehampton.