Notes from Keep Listening Keep Talking #2: 'Equitable negotiations for cultural change'

The second talk in the series was hosted by Sarah Whatley (C-DaRE) and Sara Reed (independent dance researcher, writer and academic) with guest speaker Matthew Gough (dance artist, dramaturg, and senior lecturer at University of South Wales).

Matthew Gough’s session focused on ‘equitable negotiations for cultural change’, asking:

What does it mean to ‘live your values’ in Higher Education?

How can we develop a culture of intersectional thinking, and actions?

Who are we engaging in conversations of ‘change’, why ‘them’?

Cultural conversations seek to renegotiate our interactions as individuals, organisations, and communities. When negotiations are mediated and dominated by those in power, marginalised voices are assimilated into new exclusions. How do we ‘live our values’ to ensure equity within those conversations, relinquishing or using our privilege/power to enable transformative change.