Gaby Agis, Interview

Gaby Agis is one of the pioneers of collaborative performance in Britain, working with leading artists of her generation from other disciplines in galleries, museums and theatres. She founded Gaby Agis & Company in 1985 and the artists she has worked with are Turner Prize nominee Isaac Julien, sculptors Kate Blacker and Cornelia Parker, composers David Sylvian and Gavin Bryars, architects Muf, and the director Atom Eyogan.

Gaby reflects on the influence that growing up in the sixties had on her dance practice, in a time when challenging ideas and freedom of expression was the way of approaching and dealing with what was happening in the wider context. She speaks of the influence of Rosemary Butcher, who was her teacher during her school years, and how this informed her later work. She discusses finding Skinner Releasing Technique and her relationship to SRT as an artist, and the recent and many reconstructions of her seminal work Shouting Out Loud.