Dance as a mode of knowledge formation with Gill Clarke

This talk, part of the Movement and Meaning Research Lab, was given shortly before Gill Clarke died in 2011, and offers an overview of her lifelong investigation of dance as knowledge formation.

She presents themes that were at the heart of her role as performer generating movement material, and as teacher communicating experience, she draws from and references her encounters with the writings of leading figures in the social and cognitive sciences and philosophy such as Tim Ingold, Guy Claxton, Bruno Latour, Nigel Thrift and Amartya Sen, she offers insights into ways that her teaching has framed her research.

Gill’s interest in transdisciplinary research led to her instigation of the Movement and Meaning research lab supported by PAL in 2011. The residency fostered ideas exchange between leading experts from dance, music, neuroscience, philosophy of education and psychology over a 5 day period.