Walk of Life: Non-stylised and Environmental Movement with Helen Poynor (2014)

Maker and teacher Helen Poynor speaks about her Walk of Life work, tracing her artistic journey from training with Anna Halprin in the 1970s to establishing her base in Devon and working with practice and performance in the natural environment and in galleries. She touches on tidal environments, land and body meeting in notions like slippage and grounding, spirituality, feminism, what rigour looks like in non-stylised work, and how Suprapto Suryodarmo influenced her work.

In Helen’s words:
My intention in this Crossing Borders session is to offer some verbal and visual images of this continually evolving practice, including some of the underlying principles of the work and my current preoccupations; opening a window onto this moving landscape at a particular moment in time and hopefully providing the ground for a fruitful and perhaps ongoing exchange between those present.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2014 and was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.