Image Makers with Raimund Hoghe and Franko B (2009)

This talk features dancer and choreographer Raimund Hoghe and visual artist Franko B in conversation with Martin Hargreaves. They speak about how they share a conception of themselves as ‘image makers’ – a term proposed by Franko B. Hoghe notes that he doesn’t see himself as a creator but rather someone creating ‘atmospheres where things can happen’. The ‘centrality of change’ is another element they find in common in their work; using different bodies on stage and introducing the notion of ‘diversity as a neutral’. The audio includes substantial showings of video materials of the artists’ works, which we have linked to where possible / available.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2010, which was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School and Dance Umbrella.

Learn More:
Lettere Amorose (Love Letters) by Franko B (page)
Lettere Amorose by Raimund Hoghe at Impulstanz
L’Après Midi by Raimund Hoghe
Sacre by Raimund Hoghe