BEING-ENTIRELY-FLESH with Joris Vlieghe (2014)

Joris’ work as a philosopher and as an educationalist concerns the revalorisation of human corporeality. In many spheres of life, and especially within the world of education, it might be claimed that the body is more often than not considered as a dimension of no importance or merely as a circumstantial factor also to take into account, but with no real meaning in and of itself. In this talk, he argues that
Over and against these tendencies he argue that certain bodily experiences are of the greatest importance, showing that moments during which we coincide with the physical side of our existence grant the opportunity to install what I have called a moment of ‘democracy of the flesh’. Rather than approaches stemming from phenomenology which give the body important but also meaning and intentionality, Joris’ interest is in the full physicality of the body – in a very literal sense: being-entirely-flesh.
This approach was developed in relation to events and practices that take place inside schools, such as the occurrence of (fits of) laughter in classrooms, and calisthenics (as the most fundamental form of ‘physical’ education).

what_now 2014 was presented by Independent Dance in association with Siobhan Davies Dance.