Keep Listening, Keep Talking #3 with Sharon Watson (2021)

In this talk Sharon Watson, CEO and Principal of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, shares a provocation addressing whiteness in Dance Education. The talk is hosted by Shantel Ehrenberg, Co-Director of Centre of Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey. The second half of the audio includes substantial conversation from participants; as their role in the day was not public we have chosen not to name them in the transcript.

Is it possible to step out of the way? And what does that mean for individuals when we’re talking about inequalities and talking about racism when we’re talking about various forms of disparity At what point does that become a job that we take on board personally or collectively? Can you hear me? When there are not more chairs at the table, we need to build a new table.

Keep Listening, Keep Talking (2020–1) is a partnership initiative by Independent Dance, Dance in Higher Education, Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University and Centre for Performance Philosophy at the University of Surrey.