Choreography’s Architecture – Exhibitions as Sites of Kinaesthetic Experience with Kirsten Maar (2014)

The theatre and dance scholar and dramaturg Kirsten Maar, with moderation by Martin Hargreaves, discusses dance in the gallery. How do the features of performance and exhibition intermingle, and how do the specific qualities of each art form and its sites challenge our attention economies? Imposing the “choreographic” as a mode of assignment and spatio-temporal arrangement, she draws attention to the specifically kinaesthetic qualities audience experiences in these settings and further proposes an architectural framework within the choreography. She weaves together discussion of Trisha Brown’s work and many other artists from the Judson Church era with theoretical ideas from Bourriaud’s relational aesthetics and Claire Bishop’s criticisms of the same, considering how time and space shift the demands on both audience and performer, and ultimately, how we experience dance.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2014 and was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.