Lauren Potter, Interview

Lauren Potter performs and teaches as an independent artist. She danced with London Contemporary Dance Theatre for eight years, and became a founding member of Siobhan Davies Dance Company; she has also worked with Lloyd Newson, Yolande Snaith, Jonathan Lunn, Ashley Page and most recently Rosemary Butcher. Lauren was artistic director for EDge at London Contemporary Dance School.

The interview with Lauren highlights the intertwined relationship of her performance and teaching practice. Beginning by speaking about her own entry into dance, Lauren expresses her interest in the performance of dance improvisation. She acknowledges the influence that working with Siobhan Davies has had on her as a performer and her interest in the language and expression of the body. Lauren discusses the influence that working on Deborah Hay’s Solo Commissioning Project has had on her both as teacher and as a performer, changing her views on being seen within performance and developing this idea of visibility/invisibility with her students. She also speaks about her recent performances of a retrospective of Rosemary Butcher’s work.