Maintaining spectacular non-progress with Heni Hale, Marina Collard and Nicola Conibere (2018)

This talk explores two projects approaching questions of labour, maintenance, visibility and time. 

Nicola introduces House Services, a research project inspired by the body in states of excess, created at a time of national austerity. Working with a range of collaborators, her research has led to questions about acts of maintenance, wasted energy and proposals for not progressing.

Marina and Heni question how the mundane everyday maintenance of our lives can be reframed within a practice of artistic enquiry. They discuss their project Dream Clean Clean Dream focussing on cleaning – both its choreographic and aesthetic potentials as well as the inherent gendered political issues of an unseen workforce. In a video project that examines the running of a B&B in France they aim to raise questions, such as where does the dirt go, how much of ‘clean’ is an illusion, are we erasing traces of previous lives? 

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Dream Clean Clean Dream

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2018 and was presented in partnership with Siobhan Davies Dance and Dance Umbrella.