Frontiers of Dance and Health with Miranda Tufnell and Knowing Body Network (2016)

Artists Miranda Tufnell, Tony Burch, Lisa Dowler and Cai Tomos discuss how creative and embodied dance practice can work alongside and in support of an overstretched healthcare system. How can the complex, sometimes controversial interface between clinical care and the creative arts bring a more whole-body perspective to healthcare, supporting health perhaps rather than solely treating illness? Tony, Lisa, Miranda and Cai share their experience using dance and movement practices in different parts of the healthcare sector, observing its capacity to bring people together and support them to care more effectively for themselves. They argue that dance can invite us to question, explore, and discover aspects of who we are, beyond immediate difficulties or illness, strengthening our capacity to connect with each other, and to adapt to change.

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Film 1: From Where You Are- A dance and movement project at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Knowing Body Network (Facebook group)

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2016, presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.