Moving Kinship: choreography, performance and the politics of everyday life with Beatrice Allegranti and Jon Silas (2018)

This conversation presents interdisciplinary choreographic, dance movement psychotherapy and neuroscientific practice, research and activism conducted with young onset dementia sufferers and their families. Informed by feminist new materialism and cognitive neuroscience, Beatrice and Jon explore, alongside dancers Luke Birch, Takeshi Matsumoto, Sabrina Gargano, Maria Palliani, and Aneta Zwierzinska, the ethics and politics of creating dance not only for an audience but with and through audiences. As such, they propose ‘moving kinship’ as an integrated artistic practice that enables us to think about human and more-than-human-bodies and worlds simultaneously. This includes performative vignettes as ways to think through kinship with/in the choreographic process, performance and everyday life.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2018 and was presented in partnership with the University of Roehampton.