Moving Matters with Kirstie Simson and Andrea Olsen (2022)

Movement artists Andrea Olsen and Kirstie Simson met virtually in this public talk (Andrea Olsen in Massachusetts, USA and Kirstie Simson at Siobhan Davies Studios in London) to discuss the importance of embodied knowledge for the future we are facing. How can artistic practices build resilience, grounding, and skills to equip us for meeting life’s challenges and joys?

Experiential practices with integrated discourse have much to offer as we move forward in this time of climate crisis and global interconnectivity. Andrea and Kirstie speak from their experiences of having been immersed in dedicated movement practices for more than four decades, the ‘impact of place’ on our body-minds. They consider how these practices and the moments of epiphany they have engendered have shaped their lives.

At times during the conversation, they leave talking behind and move together. During the event they invited the Zoom and live audiences to move with them; we have chosen to leave these moments unedited in the audio talk, with the invitation that the listener might choose to move or simply rest during this time.

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Spotify playlist with the audio tracks from the talk