Shared Material with Nik Haffner (2009)

In this talk, choreographer Nik Haffner reflects on collaborations and the idea of shared knowledge as shared material, and how the dissemination of knowledge and feeding ideas into networks can be seen as an artistic practice. Illustrating his wide range of influences he shares video sources from Elvis Presley to Microsoft to filmmaker David Hinton.

This talk was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School and Dance Umbrella.

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Works referenced in the talk:

Film 1: Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Film 2: Steve Ballmer Microsoft
Film 3: Peleshyan – unknown
Film 4: Peleshyan: Inhabitants
Film 5: Michael Powell – Peeping Tom (trailer)
Film 6: Forced Entertainment: Paradise

Other artists and works referenced:
David Hinton – Birds
William Forsythe – Improvisation Techniques
Goat Island