Skype Conversations #4 with Colette Sadler and Philipp Gehmacher (2013)

The discussion begins with the question: ‘What is your relationship to your working space?’ Colette and Philipp then discuss the notion of the atelier, a hybrid personal and work space. They talk about the notion of play, ‘unproductive productivity,’ and how performance can be framed as an act with no goal, referencing Giorgio Agamben’s writings on how the calendar creates time, and they move into friendly catching up on their lives in performance and dance and on relocating to Berlin.

This conversation was produced as part of What Now 2013, presented in partnership with Siobhan Davies Studios and Artsadmin, supported by Arts Council England. The festival was curated by Frank Bock with assistant curator Luke Pell, with the intention to ‘draw attention to how bodies already exist in collective relationships…there is critical agency in the way that we direct ‘togetherness’ in the current time.’