Skype Conversations #3: Doran George and Eva Karczag (2013)

In an emotional exchange between the late Doran George and their former teacher and colleague Eva Karczag, they reflect on memories of Doran’s time studying at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem. Eva shares photos Doran gave her in London, and Doran reflects on their work and its engagement with social concerns, the body as a ‘site of abstraction’, and their lineages in somatics and contemporary dance, while Eva responds in movement.

This conversation was produced as part of What Now 2013, in partnership with Siobhan Davies Studios and Artsadmin and supported by Arts Council England. The festival was curated by Frank Bock with assistant curator Luke Pell, with the intention to ‘draw attention to how bodies already exist in collective relationships…there is critical agency in the way that we direct ‘togetherness’ in the current time.’