Skype Conversations #2: Jennifer Monson and Simon Whitehead (2013)

Simon met Jennifer Monson back in 2006. They have subsequently developed a friendship and joint line of enquiry into their shared interests in dance, ecology and a kinship with wild places and animals. They have worked, taught and walked together in Wales, Scotland, Spain and the USA. In this wordless Skype conversation, they move, dance, and bring various objects and at one point, chickens, to the screen in an exchange that shifts between partial and full view of their bodies and between a sense of responding-to and being-with each other’s spaces and selves.

This conversation was produced as part of What Now 2013, presented in partnership with Siobhan Davies Studios and Artsadmin, supported by Arts Council England. The festival was curated by Frank Bock with assistant curator Luke Pell, with the intent to ‘draw attention to how bodies already exist in collective relationships…there is critical agency in the way that we direct ‘togetherness’ in the current time.’