Skype Conversations #6: Jonah Bokaer and Robbie Synge (2013)

US-based Jonah Bokaer and Scotland-based Robbie Synge create an exchange with few words and much movement; including chopping wood, a video on video and holding a cat. The interaction shows the two artists exposing their home contexts to each other, opening a video window into their worlds at a time when live video between the USA and UK felt very new, privileging showing over telling, or conversing with bodies.

This conversation was produced as part of What Now 2013, in partnership with Siobhan Davies Studios and Artsadmin, supported by Arts Council England. The festival was curated by Frank Bock with assistant curator Luke Pell, with the intention to ‘draw attention to how bodies already exist in collective relationships…there is critical agency in the way that we direct ‘togetherness’ in the current time.’