Skype Conversations #1 with Sharon Smith and Jennifer Rosenblit (2013)

Sharon Smith and Jen Rosenblit in conversation about individual versus group consciousness in artistic collaboration: collaboration is ‘not about sameness’. Revealing desires for control, or freedom, in performance, they question how much, or how little, our artistic practice depends on the presence of other people. They touch on Judith Butler’s concept of ‘disruptive kinship’ which acts in resistance to a systemic tendency towards the joining together of ideas or people to remove disruption – to create spaces where people can work together without agreeing or aligning. They speak about queer spaces and frameworks.

This conversation was produced as part of What Now 2013, presented in partnership with Siobhan Davies Studios and Artsadmin, supported by Arts Council England. The festival was curated by Frank Bock with assistant curator Luke Pell, with the intention to ‘draw attention to how bodies already exist in collective relationships…there is critical agency in the way that we direct ‘togetherness’ in the current time.’