Somatic Imagination with Caryn McHose (2015)

In this talk Caryn McHose combines poetic and experiential language with anatomical and scientific knowledge based on her practice as a mover, somatic movement therapist and teacher. Caryn speaks about orientation and somatic imagination and invites participants to join her with questions and observations. She shares short scores (instructions for movement explorations) to invite people to experience location, the “where am I?” question that helps to orientate us . She speaks about native body intelligence, the body as the basis of imagination, and how our relational practices – being in dialogue with gravity, space and others – can help us establish what she calls body security, which she posits as the basis of psychological security.

Caryn shares more about her work and this talk:

“Artists are the ones to offer ways of opening the inquiry about who we are in relationship to each other, to nature, to culture, and to the matters of mortality and so on. Working with body security by making the orientation process conscious and explicit as a resource to the challenges of being alive in a body on a planet is totally about our collective shared dilemma and the manner in which we feel each other sharing this journey.”

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2015, presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.