The performance in my head with Karen Christopher and Mary Paterson

The performer and writer, moderated by Heni Hale, speak about their collaborations – on the project Control Signal, and in dialogue on how the performances not made, or not seen, hold a place in our heads, lives, and dreams, influencing our actions, flowering in the mind. The project that never gets made lives as a kind of horizon that urges us forward asking a question we can’t answer. They also touch on the concept of gesture, how to end a performance, and more, ultimately asking, ‘As makers (of performance, or writing, or both) how do we leave room for other people’s imaginations? How do we guide and encourage acts of imagination, without proscribing their boundaries?’

Learn More:
Control Signal (work discussed in the talk, with sharing of video trailer and written responses)

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2019 and was presented in partnership with Sadler’s Wells, and supported by the Society for Dance Research and University of Roehampton.