The Politics of Seeing with Miranda Pennell and Dr. Massimilliano Mollona (2010)

Reflecting on their parallel trajectories, filmmaker, visual anthropologist and former dancer Miranda Pennell and writer and anthropologist Dr. Massimiliano Mollona consider dance as a way of understanding people, and anthropology as performance. They discuss the reasons they both employ film as a space for reflecting critically on their own practices, considering issues such as the relationships between consciousness and process; choreography and agency; appearance and meaning.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2010, presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.

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Films screened and mentioned during the talk:

Film 1: Miranda Pennell: You Made Me Love You (2005)

Film 2: Jean Rouch: Les Maitres Fous (The Mad Masters)

Film 3: Cao Guimarães: From the window of my room (2004)

Film 4: The Singing Street

Film 5: Andrew Kotting Gallivant