Touching Spectators – Spectating Touch with Corinne Jola (2016)

Dance touches us, without touching. What is this sense of feeling touched? In this talk, Corinne discusses the tactile body from a scientific perspective and reflects on dancer-audience interactions.

Touch is arguably the most intimate of all senses and in close relationship with the ‘sixth sense’, proprioception. Where, how, when and by whom we are touched is of crucial importance to our response to touch, which can span from sensual pleasure to pain. Dance audiences can feel touched through spectating touch as well as through the kinaesthetic sense of looking at dancers in motion. When dancers touch audiences, they might not actually be touching them. Corinne discusses scientific approaches to these forms of touch and expands on artistic applications.

This talk was part of Crossing Borders 2016 and was presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.

Learn More:
Online Google round table discussion Corinne Jola with Nancy Stark Smith and William Seeley, Meta-academy (presented by Bates Dance Festival), Summer 2013 (starts at 11min).
Embodied neuroscience: Making sense of dance -presentation held at CRAL, Centre de Recherches sur les arts et le langage (starts in French but Corinne presents in English), Paris – spring 2014
Documentary Film on Corinne’s and others’ work on Dancers and the Brain, Taiwanese-French Co-production (English starts after 4min)